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Every project is different so please just ask if you are unsure:

Firstly tell us what you want and send photos to help describe place and style.
From that we will be able to decide what you need.

If you just need some advice about how create a gallery wall or to rehang your existing work costs £150 for a two hour visit (within the M25).

Ideas for a space the fee is between £150 and £2000 (it is dependent on the number of spaces and project complexity).

Specialist research projects is charged at
£75 per hour.

Once we are contracted to you, all the research, organising, sourcing, framing and delivery is on our shoulders. There is no charge for sourcing the artwork.

Clients pay no more than if they had gone directly to a gallery, they benefit from our experience and we are there to sort out any problems. An additional benefit is that the artwork is seamlessly dovetailed with the interior design